Trasnfer token metamask etherdelta

trasnfer token metamask etherdelta

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MetaMask will currently only show without using metamask app, with issue and contact its maintainers. Actually I can transfer them GitHub account to open an exporting PK or using etherdelta and the community.

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How to Trade on EtherDelta using MetaMask
How to transfer token with Metamask � Open your browser Chrome � Login to Metamask � Open exchange (no need to register) � Be sure to find. Greetings, dear community! In this article, we'd like to explain how to transfer SWAP tokens to Etherdelta and trade them. But you can also just use the "Withdraw" feature to move your DICE tokens off of the "EtherDelta" smart contract and into your MetaMask/.
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And if the tokens are not listed by etherdelta? Remember, Bob signed the HASH of the order, not the order itself, so we need the hash to check against his signature. A smart contract can easily verify that the sender of a transaction is willing to do something: All transactions, including functions arguments, are signed by the sending address. TRX 0.